AdoptMyGame at Game Connection in San Francisco.

AdoptMyGame at Game Connection in San Francisco.Join the network and promote yourself around the world! Promoting a game is becoming harder and harder because, despite the fact that demand is growing, the competition never sleeps – everyday, hundreds of new projects arise. However, does it end where development is over? What about game localization, professional […]

Geki Yaba Runner on PS Vita!

One of the hardest runners in history challenges PS Vita fans! On 31st January, fans of the portable console will have an opportunity to test their reflex while passing over 130 ultra-hard levels in Geki Yaba Runner. Mobile game lovers can hear about Geki Yaba Runner – the game has been available on iOS and […]

Geki Yaba Runner on Nintendo

Geki Yaba Runner Deluxe is one of the most difficult runners in the history – all of the people who has taken up challenge playing the mobile app became convinced. Nintendo fans will be able to fight for being the best Gnome in the history. Players have a chance to transform his bearded hero into […]

AirRaceSpeed on PS Vita!

On 20th December of 2016 you can race through dozens of mind-blowing, futuristic courses in one of the powerful space-jets designed to push the limits of momentum. AirRaceSpeed is coming! Take speed to a whole new level with this racing hit! Air Race Speed is a solo time-trial racing game where you pilot the most […]

Test your reflex during Christmas!

This year QubicGames becomes Santa Claus! On 20 and 22 December, small gifts will be waiting for PS Vita and Nintendo players. Just before Christmas, we are releasing two games for those platforms. On PS Vita, their reflex and ultra-high speed in a futuristic world will be able to test fans of AirRace Speed, the […]

You can also be a game designer!

QubicGames is going to provide the entertainment for tactic game fans. Mad Carnage is our first turn-based game which will be developed with help from all of the users. It will take us to the post-apocalyptic world where there is only one goal:  destroy all of the cars of opponents. The alpha version can be […]

A new great deal of entertainment

Reflex primarily matters! As early as in December, all of the PS Vita enthusiasts will have a chance to try their hand during a race in Air Race Speed. In this game, reflex primarily matters – it’s up to a player whether he controls the fastest plane and succeeds to find some secret passages in […]

Beta version of the demo of Robonauts is already available!

Players will have 2 levels to test, each showing briefly interstellar world in which the plot is situated. Robonauts is an arcade game created on PC/Mac and PS4. Robo, who is the main protagonist of the interstellar journey, has been met in a trailer prepared by DashDots Creation Studio – curious about the world, sets […]

Mad Carnage

Mad Carnage is a tactic turn-based game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Interesting and intuitive gameplay are its main advantages, as well as multpiple gaming on one device which will be available in the finale version of the game. This Android game is also our experimental project – the next levels will be prepared together […]