"If you’re a real gamer who wants a real challenge, 2 Fast 4 Gnomz is an under-rated gem of the Nintendo 3DS eShop and deserves your attention." Aussie-Gamer 4/5

"2 Fast 4 Gnomz is an awesome game for all gamers. it offers a great challenge for all gamers who like fast paced games."
Nintendo Station 9/10

"Overall, this game is pretty solid. The courses are well designed and are definitely challenging."
 Nintendo Fuse 4/5

"It's fast, fun, and challenging, with a charming art style and a sense of humour running through the entire experience." Nintendo Life 7/10

"However, 2F4G introduces many new gameplay mechanics that open the game up so it almost feels like a new genre: an endless platformer rather than an endless runner.
By the end of my time with 2 Fast 4 Gnomz I felt I’d played a game that had a pinch of Sonic’s speed, a dash of Mario’s level design, and two dollops of Bit.Trip Runner’s difficulty.

Nintendo Enthusiast 8/10

(About the 3DS version)

Run, jump, glide, speed up, travel in time and break your way through the magical lands of Gnomia! Collect tons of precious socks and stay immortal to unlock extra stuff.
The most epic and challenging journey is waiting for the bravest gamers to join in.

Game features:

  • Challenging difficulty
  • Addicting gameplay
  • Pleasant and funny atmosphere
  • Plenty of surprising levels
  • 4 crazy characters to control

Platform: Nintendo 3DS™ / Nintendo WiiWare™
Genre: Auto-Runner/Platformer
Players: 1
Release Date:
November 2012 for 3DS
February 2012 WiiWare

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