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QubicGames - Premium Indie Game Publisher and Developer

16th Anniversary Sale

Help us fight COVID-19!

Celebrate the 16th anniversary of QubicGames with us! For a limited time, we’re offering amazing discounts on our top-selling games. What’s more - by taking part in the celebrations you’re actively supporting the fight against COVID-19 - see details below!

May 6, 2020 – May 26, 2020 (US)
May 6, 2020 – June 5, 2020 (EU+AUS)

Hot Deals

20% revenue* from all games below go towards the fight against COVID-19!

*Revenue accounts for all money left over after the QubicGames has paid their required commissions, licenses fee and taxes associated with a game sale. They will not be deducting their own operating costs prior to taking specific percentage.

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New Release – May 8!

If you own one of these games: Robonauts, Geki Yaba Runner, Space Pioneer, Pocket Mini Golf or Sheep Patrol, you can get our new release Gravity Rider Zero with 80% discount!

Games vs COVID-19

See how we’re fighting back against COVID-19

As the world deals with the Coronavirus outbreak, supporting our medical and research services at the front of this pandemic is essential. So much of the world’s hopes for security and normality returning lie on their shoulders, but right now, they are under a lot of strain. So as gaming profits continue to boom, we feel it’s our duty to give back to those fighting the hardest for us all.

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What is this sale for?

This year is our 16th anniversary so to celebrate we’re putting some of our best games on sale - first for our current fans and then for everyone else.

First off, we’re giving massive discounts to our existing fans through special owner discounts to anyone who owns or buys either of our 2 flagships games - Geki Yaba Runner Anniversary Edition or Robonuats.

We’re also doing what we can to give back in this time of global uncertainty. So everything in our sale tied to our Gamesvscovid initiative in which we’re donating a large part of our revenue to medical services fighting the current coronavirus outbreak.

What is the Gamesvscovid initiative?

The Gamesvscovid initiative is our pledge to donate 20% of our revenue made between April and June 2020 to medical services dealing with the current coronavirus outbreak.

What’s more, 100% of the revenue from two of our flagship titles - Geki Yaba Runner Anniversary Edition and Robotnauts - will be donated.

So by participating in the sale not only are you getting games at great discounts, but you’ll also be helping support crucial medical services battling with COVID-19.

For more information, you can visit

How many games are being discounted?

A lot. First off, we’ve got “16 Games for our 16th Anniversary” where 16 selected games will all be discounted massively to $ 0.49 for the first week of the sale.

These special discounts apply to all owners of Geki Yaba Runner Anniversary Edition and/or Robonuats.

These 16 games will then continue to be discounted (but not as deeply) for the rest of the sale and will be available to anyone.

We’re also adding many other games into the sale ranging from 50% to 90% off.

I don’t own Geki Yaba Runner Anniversary Edition or Robonauts. What now?

If you don’t own these games but want to take advantage of the sale discounts they offer, both games will be on sale for $ 0.99 for the duration of the sale and what’s important100% of the revenue from both games will be donated for fight against COVID-19.

How long does the sale last? Also what are the key dates and moments in the sale?

  • April 29th to May 26th, 2020 - Entire sale period
  • April 29th to May 5nd, 2020 - Our special “16 Games for our 16th Anniversary” discounts for anyone who owns Geki Yaba Runner Anniversary Edition or Robonuats
  • May 2nd - May 5th, 2020 - Free Gift to anyone who owns Geki Yaba Runner Anniversary Edition or Robonauts
  • May 6 to May 26th - Sale open to everyone

How do I activate the “16 Games for our 16th Anniversary” discounts?

The “16 Games for our 16th Anniversary” discounts are owner discounts tied to Geki Yaba Runner Anniversary Edition and Robonuats. So if your Nintendo Switch account has one of these games, you’ll automatically see the discounts in the Nintendo eShop.

I own Geki Yaba Runner Anniversary Edition and / or Robonauts but I can’t see the discounts. Why?

Make sure you are browsing the eShop under the same account and region that your version of Geki Yaba Runner Anniversary Edition or Robonuats is tied to. If you are browsing under a different account or region, the eShop won’t show you the discount.

It’s also recommended you browse the eShop from your Nintendo Switch console and not a desktop browser as this often affects owner discounts showing properly.