Nov 26, 2021 – Dec 31, 2021
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"Back in High-school, we were given Franz Kafkas ""Förvandlingen"" (English: ""The Metamorphosis"") to read in our Swedish class. None of my classmates seemed to like it too much, but I found it incredibly interesting. Its weird, uncomforting and in some strange and dark way somewhat funny pages really intrigued me. I liked it so much that I even began reading it for German class (As the original ""Die Verwandlung""). Further down the line, it also made me find my current favourite author Haruki Murakami through his book ""Kafka on the Beach"", so ""The Metamorphosis"" have absolutely had an impact on my life.

So of course I bought ""Metamorphosis""!
It is still downloading on my Switch as I am writing this, but I can't wait to experience a game based on one of the best pieces of literature ever written! I am really looking forward to go back into the insect-body of Gregor Samsa for another Kafkasque adventure!"


I'm a rarely home, over-the-road truck driver who thought his gaming days were behind him. That was until i bought a used Switch with no joycons from a friend. As a father of five, and with a hefty mortgage, my gaming budget is very strict: 3rd party controllers with no wireless or motion functionality; bargain-basement sale games, etc. Those shortcomings aside... I LOVE my Switch!! I play countless hours whenever I have downtime on the road. I believe that big, beautiful OLED screen would be the perfect remedy to my inability to play in modes other than handheld and the actual, working gyro controls would complete my nomad-gaming lifestyle. Thank you!


"Qubic games in general are a blast but my all time favorite game is Ultimately going to be Akane. My daughter loves the game and even Brandishes her own sword while playing it. It's got everything I want. It's quick, fun, addictive and simplistic. Having my daughter get into Character while playing it just makes me smile and that's why I love it.

Going through the nintendo E-shop, A little gem of a game stuck out. Akane was only a couple dollars at the time and thought why not? My initial reason to buy it wasn't very exciting, but I enjoyed basically Everything about the title after playing it. Plus I am an complete Sucker for any run and gun action game with futuristic aesthetics.

Run your eyes down the side and see my acrostic style writing :) ! Obviously I should get a switch for my creativity but that's not all, you Could be helping a new nurse get through the days by slashing and Killing off Goro and his henchmen on an OLED screen. Thank you.

I know how much you guys like hidden things (see Tiny lands or previous competitions) so I figured you would get a kick out of this. I'll attach the google doc in case the alignment doesn't match up on your end so you can see what I was going for.

Solo Wing

"I think the games from your catalog I liked best would be either Dex, Mana spark, or Blazing Beaks. Dex because it was an amazing well polished cyberpunk experience which really reminded my of one of my favourite game ever, Deus Ex. Mana Spark is an action RPG which alone is my type of game. and Blazing Beaks I bought for myself and my little brother earlier this year, and we ended up bonding over it, he loves rogulites, and I was having fun with its punishment reward mechanics, really a fun combination.

I bought Timothy because it reminded me of my childhood experiences with Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening, it might sound strange but all my memories of playing that game when I was younger were not accurate to the game at all, and I've since been on a quest to find games that are closer to my memories even if they're not the same game.

I'm a small independent journalist who loves exploring the world of lesser known and independent titles, getting an upgrade from my original switch with an hour of battery life, would help me better explore all the amazing titles the console has to offer and share my passion of interesting games with the world, and being able to play more interesting entries does my soul good on a personal level, as I've been immersed in this medium, and dove into trying to make them well before I was even able to walk. I know it sounds obsessive but for me Video Games Are Life, and I want to live as much, and explore and study and share that love with as many people as I can with my time on this earth."


"Akane is arcade perfection, a complete package of pixel art, fantastic audio and a great vibe overall for a great pricce.

Although its hard to pick just one, as your games are quite varied.

I bought the game because a mate told me i'd enjoy it, he was right, I played it more than him. Actually own a few of your games, I love board games, I've played a lot of Tharsis, that has been great. The latest one I've bought is Hyper parasite, feels like the movie ""The Thing"" crossed with Akane, lots of fun.

Here is a poem on why I would like a Nintendo Switch OLED, sadly based on a true story.

My Son got a switch lite last christmas day,
He was so happy, so blown away,
He loved to play on it come what may,
He wouldn't put it down, just wanted his fix
I warned him electronics and water don't mix,
He generally listens but hes not yet six,

One day, he was playing while sat on the loo,
I told him no switch there, but what can you do?
The switch took a tumble, straight into it too!
He ran to me screaming, I grabbed it out quick
I tried my best to save it, but it was too late,
It was water damaged, no longer could play,
It just gathers dust and just gets in the way.
Now my son plays on MY switch every day!"
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